Photos by Karen O'Maxfield of the Ancient Burying Ground and Center Church in Hartford, Connecticut.

Hartford Daily Courant, June 7, 1869

Festivities on the North Meadows

There are times when it is pleasant to fall into the clutches of the Hartford police. This statement will not be indorsed by any of the “swell mob” who occasionally come from the larger cities to Hartford under the belief that it will be an easy matter to bamboozle “countrymen;” but every one who was tapped on the shoulder on Saturday afternoon by one of our gentlemanly blue coats and informed that his presence was requested at a certain place in the north meadows will agree to it. Those who accepted the invitation , those who did not “resist the officers,” found, on arriving at the rendezvous, that the newly appointed members of our police force were treating the veterans to a “fish fry” and “clam bake.” The fishers of men had for a short season turned their attention to the cove above the ice houses, and the result was a supply of fish sufficient to feed a multitude. A long table was spread, and soon all were busy preparing for the feast, with appetites sharpened by exercise and the delightful June air. Lieutenant Cowles guarded the chowder kettle from which escaped a flavor of the products of Wethersfield, making it natural to think of those who have been planted there in consequence of Sid’s vigilance. Officers Smith and McCarty put a delightful brown upon the potatoes, and Wright, Thomas and Buckley fried the fish to a turn—while others of the force made themselves useful in other departments of the culinary art, or entertained the invited guests. “Link-ed sweetness” was “long drawn out” from a keg, and lemon juice with the edge taken off helped to moisten thirsty palates. Mayor Chapman, Judges Jones and Merrill, representatives of the press and others were among the invited guests. Several members of the Springfield police force were also present. After all were fed there was a speech by the Mayor, who paid a just tribute to the efficiency of the force. He was followed by Officer Lyman Smith, and afterwards S.F. Jones, Esq. and Judge Merrill were called out and made pleasant speeches. The feast was over before the shower, and all voted the occasion a very pleasant one. There is nothing “scaley” about our police force, notwithstanding their familiarity with the fun, frolic, and feasting of fish-frys.

FishFry Street in the North Meadows

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