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East Entrance: Three Tympana:

1. leading the settlers to Hartford, Charles Neihaus.
2. The Charter Oak, Charles D. Salewski.
3. John Davenport preaching to the settlers of New Haven, Charles Neihaus.

Five medallions depicting the state's outstanding intellectuals:

1. Joel Barlow, poet and a Hartford wit, Charles Neihaus.
2. George Berkeley, prominent theologian, Charles Neihaus..
3. Horace Bushnell, 19th century theologian, Carl H. Conrads
4. Noah Webster, author of the dictionary and spelling book, Carl H. Conrads
5. Jonathan Edwards, 18th century theologian, Charles Neihaus.

Four statues in niches:

1. Thomas Hooker, Charles Neihaus.
2. Roger Sherman, signer of the Declaration of Independence, Chauncy B. Ives
3. Jonathan Trurnbull, governor of Connecticut, Chauncy B. Ives
4. John Davenport, founder of New Haven, Charles Neihaus.

There is also a plaque commemmorating Washington College, which once stood on the site.

North Entrance: Five Tympana:

(1) Attack on Indian Fort, commemorating the Pequot War of 1637.
(2) Capt. Wadsworth hiding the Royal Charter in the Charter Oak.
(3) The State Seal,
(4) Israel Putnam leaving his plow to fight in the Revolutionary War.
(5) William Holmes, founder of Windsor, defying the guns of the Dutch Fort at Hartford.

Six statues in the niches

(1) John Haynes, first governor of Connecticut.
(2) Joseph Wadsworth, savior of the Charter.
(3) John Winthrop, Jr., 6th governor of Connecticut
(4) Theophilus Eaton, co-founder with Davenport of New Haven.
(5) Capt. John Mason of Windsor who led the CT troops during the Pequot War of 1637.
(6) Roger Ludlow of Windsor, who is supposed to have drafted the Fundamental Orders.

Two large bronze portraits on either side of portico:

(1) Gen. Joseph Hawley of Hartford, Civil War hero and Governor of the state 1866-67.
(2) Orville Platt of Meriden, U.S. Senator and author of the Platt

West Entrance: Four statues in niches:

1. Oliver Wolcott, signer of Declaration of Independence, Hermon MacNeil
2. David Humphreys, Hartford Wit, founder of Humphreysville, Hermon MacNeil
3. David Wooster, Revolutionary War hero, Hermon MacNeil
4. Oliver Ellsworth, "Mr. Federalist"

South Entrance: A U shaped portico:

West Side: 3 empty niches

South Side, 6 niches:

1. empty
2. Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy during the Civil War, Herman A. MacNeil
3. "Uncle John" Sedgewick, hero of Mexican and Civil Wars
4. Gen. Alfred H. Terry, hero of Civil War, Herman A. MacNeil
5. empty
6. empty

East side: 3 empty niches

Twelve statues that encircle the dome of the Capitol represent Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Music, Science and Force. John Quincy Adams Ward

Inside Capitol Building

Nathan Hale, Connecticuts State Hero who was born in Coventry, became a spy during the Revolutionary War and was captured and hanged by the British. His famous last words are inscribed on the base of the statue.

Scale model and masthead of the USS Hartford, Admiral Farragut's flagship during the American Civil War. At the battle of Mobile Bay, Farragut uttered his famous order, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" The ship's bell can be found on Constitution Plaza while its anchor resides on the campus of the University of Hartford.

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Figurehead of the USS Connecticut, flagship of the "Great White Fleet" that President Theodore Roosevelt sent on a goodwill mission around the world in 1907.

The Genius of Connecticut, standing 17 feet 10 inches high, was completed in Rome, Italy in 1877. A three-ton bronze casting from the model was created in Munich, Germany and placed atop the state capitol dome in 1879.

Suffrage Tablet Honoring Connecticut women who helped win the vote, 1848-1920.

The Hall of Flags displays battle flags of Connecticut regiments from the Civil War through the War on Terror.

William Buckingham, governor of the state during the Civil War.

Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon used against the United States during the Spanish-American War.

Gravestone of General Israel Putnam.

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